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Our core values – Passion, Trust and Care – are the bases of everything we do and guides our company culture and decision making process.

VEAB HEAT TECH AB - Vi förbättrar, vi bryr oss, vi levererar

Our areas of focus


Passion is what drives us forward as a company. 
We want to make a difference, create innovative solutions and continuously improve our organisation.
Our passion is what inspires us to continuously exceed expectations and deliver high quality products and services to our customers.


Trust is a cornerstone of our company culture.
We take responsibility for our actions and how they affect the environment and our society.
By being a responsible employer we create a safe and inclusive work environment for our co-workers, and our responsibility towards our customers is to always deliver products and services of the highest possible quality.
Trust also means that we actively participate in our community by trustfully supporting the business world, local associations and different sustainability projects.


Care is at the core of our relations.
We care about our customers and our community as a whole, and we aim to be responsive and understanding of our customers’ needs and wishes.
We care about our co-workers’ well-being and development, and actively work to create and maintain a positive and inclusive place of work.
Our commitment and consideration concerns the whole world and we try to have a positive impact and support those who need it the most.

Our slogan

Heating & Cooling Solutions for Life“Heating & Cooling Solutions For Life” reflects our commitment to long-term sustainability.
By offering solutions that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly we aim to create a positive impact on the planet and for our customers in the long run.
We believe that lifelong solutions provides not only reliable performance but also helps create a more sustainable future.

This slogan also represents our commitment to being a reliable partner for our customers throughout their lives.
We understand that needs and requirements can change over time, and we are here to support and adapt our solutions to meet those changes.

“Heating & Cooling Solutions For Life” are not only words for us; it is our vision, our passion and our aim to not only offer you products and services, but also a lifelong partner for creating a comfortable and sustainable indoor climate.


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