Since our foundation in 1967, VEAB has been a driving force in heating and cooling for a more comfortable indoor climate. With over fifty years of experience, we have evolved into a reliable player delivering innovative and efficient solutions within our field.

Our history is characterized by a commitment to quality, sustainability, and continuous development, making VEAB a respected and leading player in climate solutions since our early days.

How it started

Gustav Bredvad-Jensen - grundare av Vittsjö Elvärmeindustri

In 1967, Gustav Bredvad-Jensen founded Vittsjö Elvärmeindustri, which has grown to be one of the industry leaders since then.
At first the production was of electric duct heaters for Swedish customers within the ventilation industry.
These electric duct heaters are still produced today, and technical innovations have developed the product further.

Our product range was then gradually increased  – first with fixed-installation fan heaters and then portable fan heaters.
The red portable fan heater is an ubiquitous feature on construction sites and other places where a safe and comfortable heating is required.

In 1974, the company moved from Vittsjö to Hässleholm, and in completely new premises we were ready for the next step in the company’s development.
New products such as dehumidifiers and duct heaters for hot and cooled water were developed.

In 1997, the company changed name to VEAB Försäljnings AB.
Another name change came in 2001, when we became VEAB Heat Tech AB.
Since then, the company has kept on developing and is now a prominent and reliable actor in the industry, with products that live up to strict quality requirements and have a sustainable design.

Our Product Quality

Vår första kvalitetscertifiering fick vi redan 1996Quality has always been our trademark, and documenting and certifying our high quality standards were a natural result of this.
Already back in 1996 we received our quality certification ISO 9001, a milestone that confirms our dedication to maintain and continuously improve our process quality.
Another important milestone was when we certified our enterprise in accordance with ISO 14001.
This certification allows for a structured and systematic method for efficiently reduce our environmental impact – which is a sign of our commitment to sustainability.
By working in a manner that is both conscious and responsible, we aim to be an organisation that not only lives up to strict quality standards, but also takes an active responsibility for our environmental impact.

Our certificates are not only a recognition of our performance, but also a way for our customers to be sure that our products and processes maintain the highest quality possible, at the same time as we take our responsibility for the planet.

Our work

With more than 50 years in the industry we stand strong and keep forging the path to the future.
Our commitment to be at the forefront of industrial trends and technological progress pushes us to try on new ideas, processes and products.
As the European leader of manufacturing electrical duct heaters, our focus is quality and an agile production process to meet each customer’s specific needs.
By prioritising sustainability and offer superior after sales support, we constantly strive for exceeding expectations and deliver products of the highest standard.


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