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With expertise and passion at its core, VEAB constructs efficient heating and cooling solutions with a particular concern and responsibility for our environment. By developing, producing, and marketing technology-leading, sustainable, and user-friendly products, we aim to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Our strong customer focus is characterized by the best service mentality and high availability, contributing to creating simplicity, security, and value for both customers and employees. As a long-term and reliable partner for our surroundings, we strive to deliver quality and high availability in everything we do.

VEAB is more than just a company. It is a story that started 1967 in Hässleholm and that keeps growing and creating inspiration through quality, passion and global commitment.
A one-time local actor, we have now spread our wings internationally and deliver climate solutions to the entire world.
Our ability to adapt to our client’s needs has made us a reliable partner for all those who are looking for environmentally friendly and durable products within cooling and heating.

Our factory and offices are in Hässleholm, Sweden where we take care of everything from development, manufacturing, sales, and purchases to logistics. In the past few years we have expanded in stages and currently the premises cover more than 10,000 m2.
We develop and produce products based on our clients’ needs, and our main focus is on quality, durability, simple installation and maintenance, as well as safety.

Our production and manufacturing have a long and proud history, with quality as the main characteristic. We are proud of manufacturing our products in Sweden, where each co-worker's trade skills and occupational pride ensures products that have a high quality and make our customers happy.
The products that leave our factory go through thorough quality control and have a degree of accuracy that ensures 100% quality verification of our electrical products as standard.

We continuously aim for increasing and improving our product range, and today we produce a variety of models of duct heaters, duct coolers, fan heaters and dehumidifiers.
Our products go through development, manufacture and production in Sweden, where our main focus is on quality and safety. Our duct mounted products are easy to integrate in ventilation systems for different areas of use, such as offices, stores, industries, hospitals and ships.
The products can be adapted in accordance with the client's wishes, such as with an EX rating, high IP ratings, heat insulation etc.

When it comes to power, we deal with everything from only a few kW to several thousand kW. Our large range of fan heaters and dehumidifiers have a long and respectable tradition within the professional construction industry.
We also supply fan heaters for companies such as those working in marine environments, offshore or with chemicals, where there are tough environmental conditions such as corrosion, dust and potentially explosive atmospheres.

VEAB’s customers can always rely on receiving products that live up to the highest possible standards for performance, reliability and durability.
Being environmentally conscious is another important dimension of our production, and we are committed to reducing our environmental impact throughout the entire production process. This includes everything from using green electricity, environmentally friendly materials, resource efficient production methods, and recycling programs to reduce waste.
Our products also allow our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and so contribute to a more sustainable world.

Our goal is to produce products that are sustainable at the same time as being manufactured with both respect and consideration for our nature and future generations.


Made in Sweden

All development of new product and improvements of existing products is done in Hässleholm.
In an era of increased environmental consciousness, it is essential to care for the earth’s resources in an intelligent manner.
We take this responsibility seriously, and have made it one of our priorities to listen to the demands from the market to create products that use a sustainable design.
Our products are not only the result of technical know-how, but also come from a deep understanding of the challenges and needs our clients face. Our Development Department has comprehensive knowledge of and long experience in the ventilation industry, and is dedicated to customising products that live up to and exceed expectations.

This is characterised by a rational flow, a high level of automation and a highly skilled personnel. Automatic robots take care of sheet metal work, and provide all production groups with shaped sheet metal components in different materials, from stainless to coated. Assembly is performed in work groups with checks of parts and electrical safety tests.
We have a long experience of both line production and the manufacture of products customised for the customers’ needs.

Our Logistics Department works with customers from around forty different countries and is highly experienced with transport over land and by air freight, as well as special packaging. High demand products are warehoused for a high level of serviceability, and products that come from specific customer orders or need to be customised are delivered with short lead times.


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