Duct heaters / coolers - water - CFK
Made in Sweden


Duct heaters / coolers - water

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    CFK – made to be user friendly and durable.
    The design with double casing and insulation – 50 mm mineral wool – not only minimises energy loss but also prevents external condensation.

    It has a cover that can be opened, making it easy to clean the coil and condensation trough, which ensures maximum efficiency and a high hygiene environment.
    The unit uses cooled water as a powerful energy carrier and is designed for efficient lowering of ventilation air temperature, which gives you total control of your indoor climate.
    CFK can also be used for individual cooling of specific rooms or areas.

    To regulate room or inlet air temperature, the duct cooler is supplemented with regulators, sensors, actuators, valves and anti-freeze protectio


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