Duct heaters - Rectangular - VFL2-EX/VTL2-EX/VRA2-EX
Made in Sweden


Rectangular duct heaters - Electric

  • Product description

    With safety and performance as the main characteristics, VEAB offers ATEX-approved rectangular heaters that are perfect for environments where the atmosphere is potentially explosive (Zone 1 and zone 2).
    These heaters, with an output range of up to 1000 kW, are used to heat the air within ducted systems, central ventilation units and different industrial processes.

    We customise the heaters for a varied range of applications, such as offshore, the chemical industry, the oil industry, as well as on ships.
    This means that we can live up to specific requirements, including those for ATEX-approved units, and ensure an optimal performance and the highest level of security in these tough environments.




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